When trying to choose a name for my business, I wanted to find something that would convey the idea that we all have choices to make on a daily basis. We make choices regarding our health and wellbeing, choices about what to put into our bodies and our minds, choices about how we develop and maintain relationships both on a personal level as well as a professional level, and so much more. The decision making process involved in the choices can depend on any number of factors. Are we tired, hungry, angry, lonely, stressed or anxious? Given the variables in our lives when making decisions, how do we try and make good ones when life can be crazy? Who makes continuous good decisions? This is how my research began.

I knew that the word sage, for me, conjured images of some sort of ancient wise man from high atop a mountain or shaman from deep in the rainforest who could give advice for those who were unsure of their paths, or even a colorful and peaceful “mother earth” type medicine woman in flowing robes whose advice is sought after both far and wide. The actual definition of the word sage is: One venerated for experience, judgement and wisdom. Could this sage live within each of us? I believe so! We just have to draw from experience, keep learning, and begin to trust our inner sage. This is how the word Sagacity came to mind. This means if you are wise and prone to evaluating information before making a decision, you possess sagacity, the trait of solid judgment and intelligent choices. Thus Sagacity Wellness was born.

So the goal of my business and all of the information that I can pass along will hopefully help to give some of the tools that anyone can use to tap into their inner sage to make more mindful decisions. And remember…don’t be afraid of making mistakes, be afraid of not learning from them. Stop, breathe and think “is this the best thing for my mind or body”? and when mistakes are made, learn and be kind to yourself. This will help you tap into your inner sage.