Services for Companies

Sagacity Wellness has in-depth expertise in corporate health to greatly benefit employees in companies of any size.  We give them the tools and knowledge they need to feel less stressed and more energized, thus able to better fulfill their professional and personal responsibilities.

  • Health Care costs have risen more than 50% since 2006
  • An expected market trend of 9% health premiums will exceed $16,000 in 2017…not including employee out-of-pocket costs
  • The average adult is 23 pounds overweight

Health insurance costs continue to skyrocket year after year and this current system is unsustainable for much longer.  Sagacity Wellness workshops, lunch and learns, on-site educational programs and High Tech-High Touch programs will help increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, reduce the need for medical care, and increase your employee desire to live healthier lifestyles.

  • Holistic Wellness Consulting services that can significantly improve the effectiveness of your wellness program.

  • Key education and support services to your high-risk employees that will make them more likely to improve their health and reduce their risk of disease – ultimately saving the company money on chronic care costs.

  • Personalized care and education to meet the specific needs of the high risk employees and to help maintain and improve the health of all employees.

  • C-suite and Executive Health and Wellness programs.

  • Provide reporting, both tangible and intangible through screenings, surveys, online videos and quizzes with individual tracking, challenges, and partnerships with internal departments.

  • Cooking classes and demonstration that will give employees a fun way to see how easy cooking nutritionally can be. This is a skill they can take home to their families!

Lunch and Learn

  • One-hour educational talks to offer tips and information on healthier lifestyles at home and at work. We can choose the topic or help create one that is a particular concern for your company. From Women’s health to sugar-busting strategies and many more.

30, 60, 90 Day Challenges

  • Guided programs get employees involved in a fun, spirited group environment that fosters healthy thinking and actions, includes once-a-week on-site informative gatherings.

Cafeteria Makeovers

  • If you company has an on-site cafeteria, let us help you build a fun lunch program that involves incentives for employees to Punch Up Their Health.

Custom Tailored Programs

  • Create your own corporate wellness program with the help of a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist. We will work with your entire company with creative care and quality recommendations for maximum results.